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Stargate-Union fleets
« on: January 09, 2012, 01:27:33 PM »
Stargate-Union is the original Stargate fleet in Star Trek Online, a Free-2-Play MMO set in the vast universe of Star Trek.  We are an active fleet and we regularly engage in team activities including PvP, STF's, episode missions and more.

By joining a Stargate-Union fleet, you are not obligated to participate in any special events or missions.  You can continue to go at your own pace, but if you need any help with anything, don't hesitate to ask.  Galactic domination is of course among our goals, and we will do whatever we can to achieve that end.

Stargate-Union is a drama-free coalition of fleets.  We seek to co-exist peacefully with fans of other sci-fi franchises (even Star Wars).  Spamming, extreme trolling and being a douche on the forum or in-game are against fleet policy and could get you kicked.

We have fleet emblems saved, and fleet uniforms, so if you like you can wear them by selecting a uniform at a tailor, and display the emblems on your uniform and on your ship.

If you are a Steam user, please join our Steam group at

And join us on Teamspeak 3 at

So come meet us in game and join Stargate-Union!

On the Klingon side, join us in the KDF Honor Guards fleet.  Our enemies will tremble in fear as we conquer their worlds and enslave the populations.  Let it be known that all who oppose the KDF Honor Guards will be brutally defeated.

Kalek shel'tec!
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