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Fleet Bank Officer and policy Review
« on: March 09, 2017, 07:03:00 PM »
Edit: Our NEW Bank Officer is Colonel Marcus !
Bank policies remain the same as outlined in our Fleet Bank policy :

The items in the fleet bank are there for anyone to use.  If you see an item that can help you, you are welcome to withdraw it.  However, we ask that you only withdraw items that you will actually use.  Do not withdraw items to sell for energy credits.  If you are in need of energy credits, there are many ways to make credits quickly.  You can ask for tips in the Stargate Union chat channel, or in fleet chat, or you can send a mail to a fleet leader for help.  As always, we are happy to help our fellow fleet members in any way we can.

Everyone above Ensign in the fleet has access to the fleet bank, and your withdraw permissions increase as you increase in rank.  There is a daily item withdraw limit for each tab in the bank.  You will see how many items you are allowed to withdraw in each tab.

The items you withdraw are deposited by other fleet members that want to help the fleet, so please return the favor and help others in the same way by depositing items that you won't use.

Almost any item is welcome in the bank if it can be useful to someone, however there are a few items that really just take up space.  Items that are acceptable to deposit are weapons, consoles, ship and ground equipment, particles, consumables, repair components, etc...  Other items such as pets, doff packs and xp boosts are also welcome.  Equipment deposits should be Blue quality (Rare) or better.  Please do not deposit tribbles, food items,  or lockboxes. - {Fleet policies and Updates Forum}

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